Thu, Nov 15, 2018
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    More and more contractors, home builders, and people renovating their homes are turning to natural stone as a choice for building material.  You can use natural stone for a variety of home building projects such as kitchen counter tops, bathroom vanities, floor tiling, fireplace mantles and hearths, and around the bathtub and shower.  One of the big reasons that natural stone is becoming such a popular choice is because of its lasting beauty and permanent durability.  Some of the natural stone that you can choose from includes granite, marble, slate, sandstone (also known as flagstone), limestone, and travertine.  
When you buy natural stone you’ll find that the price will vary greatly and will usually be based on the quality of the stone as well as the rarity of the piece.  Always make sure that you look at the entire piece of natural stone before you buy it so that you can be sure of the color and design variations that will exist.
There are several different advantages to using natural stone that you’ll want to consider when you’re making the choice between natural building products and those that are man-made.  
Natural stone is unique and varied.  Since natural stone has been created by nature, no one piece is quite like another piece.  This means that no matter what project you use the stone for you’ll be creating a distinct look that can’t be duplicated elsewhere.   
Natural stone is highly durable.  This means that you can use the stone for projects that require strength and durability, such as for countertops in the kitchen.  
Large variety of color.  There are many natural colors that you can choose from when working with natural stone.  
Beauty and pleasing look.  Natural stone looks extremely beautiful in its natural state, which makes it a prime choice for homeowners who are attempting to create a look that is pleasing to the eye by using natural materials.  
The capability of distinctive design.  Due to the uniqueness of each piece of natural stone, builders have the capability of creating designs that are distinctive to each project.  This means that homeowners can have a bathroom vanity that matches the color and design of the rest of the bathroom.
Resilience and hard wearing material.  Projects that have been created using natural stone can be polished again if they are scratched or otherwise damaged.  
Affordability.  Despite the higher cost of natural stone when compared with man-made materials the cost is still within the budget of many homeowners who are looking for a unique look for their home that can’t be duplicated.
Granite is one of the most popular types of natural stone that builders choose to use for a variety of projects, in particular for kitchen countertops.  You can purchase granite in either a matte finish or a polished finish.  Granite is more expensive to use than other building materials, however, durability and long life are two of its most appealing features.  Granite is a natural stone that has a deep richness to it that is often sought after in kitchen styling due to the clean, crisp lines that it produces.   Granite is resistant to scratches and can withstand high heat, such as when hot pans are placed on its surface.  No matter what color your kitchen is, you’ll be able to find granite that matches your décor.  
Marble comes in variety of color variations such as whites, black, yellows, reds, and greens and will be either clouded or veined.  Marble is great choice for flooring and is used in rooms where the goal is to create an overall effect of opulence.  Architects and builders use marble for both building and ornamental reasons, and you’ll often find marble used as finish in the bathroom.  You’ll need to a bit more careful with the maintenance of marble than other natural stone because it is much softer and therefore more prone to scratches and stains.  However, with the right care, marble will remain elegant and beautiful for many years.
Slate is a natural stone that can be found in green shades of color that range from deep green to medium tones of green.  Slate is ideal for counter tops, interior walls, interior floors, walkways, driveways, patios, and as a retaining wall.  You’ll also find that slate is a good use for rooftop tiles since it is water repellent, fireproof, low maintenance (deters the growth of fungus and moss on the roof), and adds to the look and appeal of the exterior of your home.
Limestone is the end result of millions of years of the bones of sea animals and crushed sea shells that have settled on the ocean floor.  You can buy limestone as a stone for building as well as for making statues because it is so durable and reliable.  You’ll find limestone in varying shades of blue, yellow, black, and brown.  The one thing that you need to keep in mind is that limestone can’t be polished because it’s a natural stone that isn’t crystallized.    
Travertine is a soft natural stone that is comes in a wide range of patterns and colors.  It is most often used in the application of tile flooring for the kitchen and bathroom as well as bathroom wall tiling.  Some builders choose to use travertine in exterior walls to create an elegant finish to the building.  
As you can see using natural stone is ideal for many of your building projects inside the home.  And don’t forget the outside of your home.  Natural stone is perfect for the exterior of your home, for finishing your fireplace, or for outdoor landscaping.  Each piece of stone has its own characteristics that will enhance any area of your home or garden.  You’ll take your level of building standards from common to a fine work of art when you use natural materials.  Because natural stone withstands the test of time you can be assured that whatever you build will be around for many years. 

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